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Make the transition to a fulfilling role through proven programs that have enhanced hundreds of traditional project management and Agile careers.



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SOP Evolution is here to help untapped talent grow in their careers!

We identified in-demand skills needed for high-growth role-types.


Then, we built content based on what organizations needed from those roles. Our programs go deep, and focus on transforming participant’s outlooks through a variety of training methods. We’ve included a mixture of self-paced DIY content, instructor-led curriculum, video guided assignments, and hands-on training, to give participants the ability to find, earn, and outperform in their careers. Choose from one of our curated paths to launch (or enhance) your leadership career.


Flexible Training

Our structured programs include guided and self-guided options.

Skills-First Approach

We emphasize the importance of defining, building and leveraging your skills and competencies, rather than degrees. Our primary goal is to develop and advance talent, not create more costly burdens and barriers to entry.

Experiential Learning

Instead of memorizing and recalling vocab, our approach is more hands on and reflective. Participants are able to utilize the theory of “learn by doing”, instead of just hearing or reading about it. Participants will leverage their past work experiences and evolving knowledge and skill-set, to transition.

Simulated Work Experience

Depending on their path, participants are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to simulate real-world work experience by partnering with SOP Evolution, and participating in a mission-based simulation.This real world project experience will help you develop, and prove to companies you’re here to think big, perform high, and bring even greater value to their organization.

Why Project Managers and Scrum Masters? 


$50K - $100K Average Starting Salary

 This is a broad average that is based on the industry and level of responsibility. In addition, your positioning as a qualified candidate plays an even BIGGER role in securing a position in excess of the family-sustaining salary thresholds.


Endless Career Paths 

This is where great companies look to find exceptional, solution-oriented talent to grow and develop for even bigger leadership positions. In addition to landing their first leadership, Project Management or Scrum Master role, our other most common promotions for our graduates are Program Managers, Product Owners, Supervisors, Directors, and we even had a promotion to a VP!

2.2 Million Project-Oriented Roles 

 According to the WEF Jobs of Tomorrow Report, our latest Global Industrial Revolution is driving innovation, creation and empowerment of both individuals, teams, and most importantly, whole organizations. Project-oriented professionals are on the front lines leading the charge. Our programs are designed to help participants land and excel in roles with titles like Project Manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, and other leadership roles that leverage transferable skill-sets.



We understand the need for face-to-face engagements and the preference and flexibility to work from the comfort of your home or neighborhood coffee shop. Our program is designed to accommodate both, just as you’d experience when taking on a new role as a PM or SM. These careers are HIGHLY remote-friendly and offer plenty of opportunities to launch careers right from your home office.

Upskill with a purpose!

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Our targeted trainings focus on preparing participants to emerge as high-performers. Expect nothing short of transformational evidence-based strategies!